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About ITU Golf Wear

ITU GOLF WEAR, a lifestyle golf clothing and apparel brand, synonymous to quality and comfort. ITU offers a great selection of ladies and men golf clothing, providing eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing designs, desirability and performance-focused comfort. The ITU brand is all about a HAPPY and CONFIDENT golfer.

Our range of clothing includes the following categories:

Golf Shirts: For warm days, ITU offers wide selection of short-sleeve, sleeveless (ladies) and collarless options. Features like stretch spandex fabric with moisture-wicking properties will keep you cool and dry on all 18 holes. On chilly days, ITU Golf Wear has you covered with long-sleeve polos, crews, turtlenecks and more designed to trap heat while releasing moisture for ultimate comfort.

Golf Dresses & Skorts: Play like a pro in dresses and skorts. Features like elastic waistbands and performance-stretch spandex fabrics allow for full range of motion on every swing.

Kids Range – ITU Golf Wear offers customized shirts, dresses and skorts design for young golfers ranging from the age of 10 – 15 years.

ITU also prides itself with offering a great selection of headwear which can be customized to all our clients’ needs.

Bespoke Craft Golf Shirts – In addition to our range, we do offer bespoke shirts where clients are at liberty to design their own bespoke shirt. Our bespoke designs are taken care of by our team of creatives who have vast experience in creating unique designs.

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